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NetEase, Inc. (simplified Chinese: 网易; traditional Chinese: 網易; pinyin: WǎngYì) is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications and commerce. The company was founded in 1997 by Ding Lei. NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising services, email services and e-commerce platforms in China.

A confused user shared "how do u change the language on Netease? cause its all in Chinese".


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Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"The interview process is pointless, you have an initial interview which is straightforward, they then make it sound as if you have the job by offering you to attend a trial for a couple of hours to see if it’s what you’re looking for, they don’t tell you this is a 2nd interview stage. The trial is anything but a trial, you are not shown anything but you do get to see how much of a clique is running the production area making it a very uncomfortable place to work and if your face doesn’t fit you have no chanceNoneVery Cliquey"

Recherche Scientifique (Former Employee) says

"Bonjour je viens afin de faire mon devoir de citoyenne et de vous faire part de quelque point important. tout d'abord ne travaillez jamais en production chez stedim les matiére plastique utilisé sont hautement cancérigéne et les autre simili plastique eva et autre son des perturbateur endocrinien. si un jour vous dévelopé un cancer commme ce fût le cas d'un proche ne compté pas sur leur soutient ils vous licenciron pour une autre faute de plus ils sont couvert par bayer et compani vue qu'il sont en coopération. alors si un proche travaille chez eux ou même vous fuyez sérieusement fuyez avant le dramesalle de reposrisuqe sanitaire élevé"

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management ethic not professional ,lack of right conduct towards employee,hostil environment Exempt employees treated as been unionized they have to record punch their work hoursNoneSee above"

Opérateur salle blanche (Former Employee) says

"entreprise à proscrire!!! management inexistant ou presque!"

Operateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Cette entreprise ne respect pas les gens qui travaillent pour elle . Elle demande toujours plus sans rien en retour! Aucune évolutions possible dans des postes à hiérarchie avant très longtemps. Cache de graves choses sur certains comportements de certains opérateurs vis à vis d'autres opérateurs qui sont condamnable juridiquement étouffe les problèmes. CE géré par des incompétents et vraiment pas intéressant. syndicats en bois géré par des personnes incompétentes à souhait. intérimaire non convier à la family day grande fête organiser pour les CDI et non pour les intérimaires qui travaillent autant si ce n'est plus qu'un CDI. Management à revoir! Aucune prise de positions sur des faits grave! Aucunes sanctions sur des faits graves! Et ce n'est qu'une partie négative de cette entreprise sur qui on pourrait parler des heures.tickets restaurantsCe, primes faible, salaire faible"

Purchasing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Procurement Director was a joke, no experience and no respect for her employees. Lack of training and they expect you to do everything on your own, tense atmosphere.No Prosshort brakes, Payment"

Agent de Service (Former Employee) says

"service généraux pas sérieux et service des envois de colis pas serieuse"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Things started off well but went down hill with each passing year. The company merged with another company and the transition was done in an unorganized and unprofessional manner."

Servicetechniker im Aussendienst (Former Employee) says

"Führungsschwäche Schlechte Zwischenkommunikation Service und Wartung der Anlagen KundennäheGeschäftswagen BMWUeberzeiten wurden nicht bezahlt"

opérateur (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise sans moral avec des technique de management de soumission tel que le taylorisme ou le fordisme, pour aller au toilettes fau une permission suite à une absence injustifiée il mettent en place stratégie pour rompre le contrat suite à un accident travail la même chose. Entreprise polluante aucune éthique, on a l'impression lorsque on travail au contact de leurs plastic d'être stone .sérieux a éviterTous"

conductrice de ligne en salle blanche plasturgie (Former Employee) says

"un tres gros effort a faire sur les salaire le manager ne fait p son tafneantout"

opérateur en salle blanche (Former Employee) says

"plusieurs fois nous somme arriver a 6h sans avoir de travaille car il ne s'avait pas s'organiser"

Opératrice de production en salle blanche (Current Employee) says

"Le travail en salle blanche est un environnement agréable car très propre. Et les tâches à accomplir sont peu physique. Pas de charges lourdes, juste quelques fois en postures statique. C'est très répétitif aussi.Environnement agreableLes pauses"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"I took a chance working with Sartorius through Aerotek, I was told it was a temp to FT hire position. I was told I was going to be treated similar to a full time permanent employee. Which is completely untrue. I just came back from my second business trip only to find out that they messed up my pay and are trying to get out of paying me my fair share. They also do not pay holidays when the companies they work with close and don't have any accrual for paid sick time. I have been there close to six months and have no real commitment from them on a hire date.They expect way too much from temps and you'll find out the hard way how much they don't appreciate it.Some of the people are really niceNot a reliable job, only take as a temp, don't stop looking for another job"

Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Aucune évolution possible pas d embauche ,juste soumission et chiffreTicket restoTout"

Agent de maîtrise (Former Employee) says

"Le management laissé beaucoup à désirer et l'ambiance d'équipe fatale, le mécontentement était palpable..."

CAPA/NCPR Investigator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be to open an investigation and look for the information required to complete the task without any guidance and support to finish in a timely manner.No benefits, no support, low wage."

Branch Controller (Current Employee) says

"• Handling Back office• processing and Inwarding Proposals• Co-ordination with sales Executive & Managers, & Follow up with customers• Following up for the payment / C-form & material status• Handling reception & maintaining records• Handling Petty cash & office stationary• Maintaining Attendance / Leave record of the executive• Co-ordinate with the Head office – Bangalore & also with other branch officeslong working hours"

Clean room operator. (Former Employee) says

"I worked there through temp hoping to get hired on but they fired me for attendance. 1 day it was bad weather and i called in as a few others did too. I was out with bronchitis for 3 days and had docs note and 2 weeks later they fired me. Not right at all, they did me dirty! They hold everything against employees, even when they get paid for sick days it is unexcused and so are doc notes. The only thing that saves them is FMLA. Don't see how they get away with that being a pharmaceutical place. For a place that is so worried about germs and all but expect people to drag their sickness in there and spread around. I wouldn't recommend no one to go there to work. Very unfair.Not treated fairly."

Key Account Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"At Sartorius the Work Pressure is less but it included Extensive Travelling and the Coordination between the Regional Office and Head Office is not good."

Brady M says

"Don't order from anyone at 163.com, they steal the money!"

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